Scopeo is an expert agency in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We make cutting-edge technologies accessible to all businesses, with no minimum level of expertise required from our clients.

Our experience in structuring and starting AI projects since 2020 will allow you to increase your return on investment and accelerate your development.

We provide services ranging from consulting to production, research and development of AI and Data Science solutions.

σκοπέω (verb): to look, to examine, to consider, to observe.


Data Quality and AI, machine learning
Trusted partner Data and AI, machine learning

Our mission

A team from the best training

Our forces


Data encryption, infrastructure partitioning, secure and end-to-end encrypted messaging... we will be able to adapt to your security constraints and apply a restrictive internal security policy.


Artificial intelligence is disrupting different sectors and a global strategic approach is necessary to ensure real impact and return on investment.


Iterative project management guarantees you incremental progress with confrontation with the user and treatment of complications before they get out of hand.


A team from the best training courses and from companies at the forefront of the sector. Our internal functioning is centered on the dissemination of expertise, the capitalization of knowledge and mutual assistance.

Subject mastery

Full project management with turnkey delivery and full responsibility for the finished project.
We believe in the need to centralize project responsibilities in the hands of one person to avoid conflicts.


Turnkey does not mean black box: our philosophy is based on the didactic explanation of the ins and outs of project success. No Data or AI project can function without transmitting knowledge to stakeholders.

Our Values

Transmission of knowledge
Essential to building a team, the transmission of knowledge is also the best way to anchor knowledge and gain perspective on your profession.
Data Science puts information in our hands that must be used without ever compromising ethics
True guarantors of unity, communication and transparency allow us to never let problems grow by treating them as they appear.
Resourcefulness and a taste for “Do it yourself” are the foundations of our state of mind. This is how we develop a wealth of skills that are useful for all types of projects.
We greatly value the ability to step back, detach yourself, get help and never compromise work-life balance.
Nothing is written in stone! Creative proposals are always welcome.
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