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our use cases Classification and recommendation of fonts
Customized ChatGPT Chatbot

The creation of a chatbot can allow maximize productivity of your business or to make assistance client instant and satisfying. 

Chat GPT has disrupted customer expectations in terms of chatbot, but above all provided an extremely powerful tool for answering questions from a knowledge base given (documentation, conversations, exchanges, etc ...)

Chat GPT has impressive knowledge, but she is limited to public information, past. To give a conversational agent more knowledge, there are techniques.

Scopeo Shipup delivery time prediction

In order to allow all e-retailers to offer their customers a precise estimate of the delivery date, Scopeo has built an artificial intelligence algorithm for Shipup trained on past data.

Shipup is the French leader in the post-purchase experience. By creating a reassuring, intuitive post-purchase experience that reflects the customer, companies can transform their one-off buyers into regular customers and small e-retailers can compete with the giants in terms of quality of service. 

Shipup asked Scopeo to create a Machine Learning model to estimate the probable delivery date of a package at the time of ordering, then throughout its transport. 

intelligent synthesis customer reviews AI Predicity Scopeo

In order to get customer feedback on a product sold online, it is interesting to study the reviews. Thanks to this source of information, it is possible to improve the product by iterating on customer impressions. However, the task can be time-consuming when each site contains several dozen comments.

To meet this need, we have developed, for our client, a tool to summarize the comments of a product sold on an e-commerce site.

Our tool uses state-of-the-art automatic language processing algorithms to isolate the sentences that concern the product feedback and extract an overall summary.

The use of foundation models and pre-trained “large language models” allowed us to dissect the meaning of sentences and obtain usable results with very little data.

Fydem, Default Risk Prediction

Fydem, a specialist in Credit as a Payment, used the services of Scopeo to develop a tool that can categorize transactions from Open Banking data (DSP2) and quantify the risk of default of a borrower or even estimate the NBI (Net Banking Product) of a potential customer.

We supported Fydem on several axes: Support of data sources, prediction algorithms, prediction code, recruitment, training and supervision of recruits. 

our use cases: Automatic document processing

Scopeo has developed an algorithm for automatically reading scanned invoices

Thanks to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Large Language Models (especially those that take layout into account), we have developed a tool that reads PDF files and fills the columns of a spreadsheet (excel or google sheet) automatically.

We have thus developed a software library easy to use.

typographies classifications and recommendations, font ninja, scopeo

Scopeo had the unique opportunity to collaborate with ninja fonts, a key player in the world of typography, to develop an innovative solution meeting the specific needs of designers and foundries. 

Faced with the complexity of distinguishing the subtle differences between fonts, our team met the challenge by designing advanced deep learning algorithms. These made it possible to Classifier fonts effectively and offer a function of recommendation based on precise criteria. 

This approach has radically transformed theUser experience by Fonts Ninja. Before our intervention, searching for similar fonts was tedious and limited. Today, thanks to our collaboration, Fonts Ninja offers its users an enriched experience, with suggestions for typographies classified and easily accessible.


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