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Context: the limits of chatGPT

Artificial intelligence, with tools like ChatGPT, can offer a wide range of insights almost instantly. However, ChatGPT's knowledge, as impressive as it is, is limited to what is publicly available and what has been learned up to a given date.

For some businesses, this may mean that highly specialized information, proprietary data or specific sector knowledge are missing.

This is where an interesting opportunity presents itself. By developing a bespoke AI assistant, the promise is of an even smarter, more personalized tool that can more precisely meet an organization's unique needs.

There are advanced techniques to enrich these assistants with this private knowledge, creating a personalized tool that goes beyond the capabilities of a generic AI assistant.

It can radically transform the way you interact with your customers, improve your internal processes and give your business a significant competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence Solution: “RAG” (LLM)

Imagine having a giant library filled with all the knowledge in the world, and whenever you have a question, you can instantly find the book or page that has the best answer. This is a bit like what the technique called RAG, for “Retrieval Augmented Generation”, does.

In our digital world, this method does not seek answers in physical books but in a vast digital database. When you ask a question, an intelligent tool similar to chatGPT – which we call LLM for “Large Language Models” – dives into this immense sea of ​​information and derives the most relevant answer. It's like having a lightning-fast, incredibly intelligent personal assistant that can digest phenomenal amounts of information in the blink of an eye.

Using RAG means benefiting from exceptional power to find answers, but also a method that is surprisingly quick to implement. This means that, without wasting time, you can have direct access to the best insights and advice that will help you make informed decisions, whether for your personal or professional life.

Our approach :

We follow a process that integrates and adapts AI to the unique data universe your organization has.

The essential requirements to begin this collaborative work with you include:

  1. Access to your data set: We need to dive into the business-specific information you want to integrate into your AI assistant. This data can be customer information, internal knowledge, or any other resource you want to leverage through the wizard.

  2. Knowledge of your area of ​​expertise: For the AI ​​assistant to work best, we need to understand the context and application of your data to your business.

By allowing us to access and study this data, we can begin the process of teaching the machine, to create an intelligent tool that is not only responsive, but also incredibly responsive and effective for your organization.

Customer Case

Ever since ChatGPT hit the scene, this app has been all the rage because it promises to completely transform the way you work. Personalized assistants have become a real asset for improving efficiency and productivity within businesses.

One of the nicest surprises is how simple these wizards can be created. Sometimes, a few dozen lines of code are enough to bring a basic conversational agent to life, this is truly the type of project that can be started quickly and without complications.

Are you tempted by the idea but not sure how it could fit into your organization?

Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized diagnosis. We can help you understand the benefits and design the solution best suited to your environment. Also, good news, the Public Investment Bank (BPI) can cover up to 80% of costs of these diagnoses. This is the perfect opportunity to get started without risk!

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