Default risk prediction

Fydem, an innovative player in the Credit as a Payment sector, has teamed up with Scopeo, an agency recognized in artificial intelligence solutions, to take on a major challenge: transforming raw data fromOpen Banking (Payment Services Directive 2 – PSD2) into precise and reliable financial insights. This collaboration gave birth to a revolutionary tool capable of carefully categorizing financial transactions, giving Fydem a clear view of the habits and behaviors of its customers.

The heart of this project lies in the tool's ability to predict a borrower's default risk with unprecedented accuracy. Using the most advanced algorithms, the tool analyzes complex patterns in users' financial history, allowing Fydem to make more informed and secure credit decisions.

Beyond risk management, this innovation also makes it possible to estimate the Net banking income (PNB) of a potential customer, thus opening the way to new growth opportunities for Fydem. By identifying the most profitable customers and anticipating their needs, Fydem can now offer personalized offers, thereby strengthening its market position and building customer loyalty.

This collaboration between Fydem and Scopeo perfectly illustrates how artificial intelligence can be used in finance to create solutions that are both innovative and efficient, redefining industry standards.

Support for finding and aggregating data sources relevant

Development production code and structuring of the engine for internal use

Construction of prediction algorithms

Support for the recruitment (tests, interviews), training and supervision recruits

use case


1. Loan application

4. Response taking into account the probability P of defaulting

2. Loan file

3. Probability P of defaulting



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