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The uncertainties of R&D

An R&D project in Machine Learning imposes its own operational constraints: you have to wait for the data or the feedback; and sometimes you decide to change direction or simply to stop.
An employee recruited for an R&D project in Machine Learning will be subject to these constraints. The consequences are of a psychological (bore-out), financial (lack of ROI) and strategic nature (choices dictated by the justification of the position instead of the operational needs).

The cost of internalisation

Recruiting a data team can be a solution, but it requires considerable resources, time and managerial capacity to accommodate it.
Means and time : the twists and turns of research and the hurdles of operational development require real project management skills to get anywhere, so it will be necessary to recruit an experienced profile who is unlikely to want to work alone.
A managerial capacity to welcome it : once recruited, the objectives of your data team will need to be constantly redefined.

Scopeo: a community
of expertise

At Scopeo, all our Data Scientists are in the same office, so they exchange and help each other to find the best solutions.

It is a community of specialised and trained scientists who will be able to put to good use the experience they have accumulated over the course of their missions and to share their enlightened views with hindsight and efficiency in order to better respond to the problem at hand.

Hybrid start with Scopeo:
the efficiency compromise

Whatever your project, you can start fast and go through the motions with Scopeo. When the feasibility study confirms the potential of your project, you can make a commitment by setting up a dedicated team.

Scopeo will be there to help you every step of the way: understanding your needs, developing a pilot, setting up your team.

We will install the first building blocks, structure the project and assist you in recruiting the team. 

100% positive reviews

No client is ever left unsatisfied Some of them come back with more projects and can count on us for keeping helping them. Others internalize Data Science and Machine Learning needs, and build on a solid base, easy to handle, left by our team. Let's hear them!

Let's hear them !

Our Strengths


Data encryption, restrictive security policy, secure and end-to-end encrypted messaging.


Your confidential data will never be stored elsewhere than on our servers or on servers located in France and managed by a French company.


Project management to ensure that you make incremental progress and deal with complications before they get out of hand.


A team from the best training courses and leading companies in the sector.

Project management

Full project management with turnkey delivery and full responsibility for the finished project.


Turnkey does not mean black box: our philosophy is based on the didactic explanation of the ins and outs of successful projects.

A mastery of various tools, at the cutting edge of the field

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