Scopeo, an AI agency, adapts to you and adapts the best AI solutions to your needs. Data science and machine learning can be used to solve problems in all sectors: healthcare, insurance, banking, supply chain, transportation, communication, security, etc.

We can support you on each of the 4 major skills of the data “stack”.

Data Sourcing : if you don't have the right data, there's no need to continue. Our knowledge of public data, scrapping, synthesis and data labeling will be at your service to lay the foundations of your project: the data.

data engineering : to use the data, it is first necessary to aggregate the multiple sources, to make certain calculations, to filter, to cut, to treat particular cases… a tedious but necessary piping work.

Data Science and Machine Learning : the core of the reactor. Once we have our own data, research work begins. The algorithm is built thanks to comings and goings between business know-how and technical expertise in Machine Learning.

ML Ops and integration : to be able to use the algorithm produced, you have to build a sort of remote control for it: the API. It is also necessary to automate as much as possible the process of retraining and deployment of the algorithm, which can be carried out regularly thereafter. 

Varied applications

Automatic document analysis

Text documents are omnipresent in the professional world and often require manual processing or even in-depth reading. Automatic analysis allows you toextract text of a scanned document (OCR) andinterpret the meaning (NLP). She opens the door to automatic processing.

  • Automatic invoice reading
  • Summary of reports
  • Transformation of a corpus of documents into structured data (ex. spreadsheets)
  • Etc


It is often necessary to suggest to a user the next actions that he can undertake thanks to your product, especially when the latter is a newcomer. Recommendation needs are everywhere: content suggestion, automatic completion, navigation help...

You are developing a mobile application for cooking recipes and want suggest to your users, recipes that suit their tastes.

We are developing a recommendation engine that will allow you to use the information at your disposal (favorite recipes, navigation data, etc.) to make the best suggestion.

Prediction and Forecast

This involves using past data to anticipate future trends and events.
For reasons of supply, scheduling, resource management or strategy, it may be important to anticipate the future.

You manage an e-commerce site and want to give visibilite to your customer on delivery times depending on the carrier chosen.

Machine Learning makes it possible to extrapolate, from historical delivery data, the time it will take for a package to reach its destination, taking into account all parameters available (calendar, external events, location, nature of the order, etc.).

You thus allow the end customer to make the best choice and get organized at the time of purchase.

Automatic detection and recognition

Whatever the signal observed (sound, image, sales flow, etc.), it is desirable to be able to detect events that may occur : accident, incident, or simply to be able to detect a voice command or to take a measure automatically.

Video stream: Automatic detection of thefts in stores, surveillance of a metro platform (fall on the rails, attacks, etc.).

Audio stream: voice control, detection of machine wear or technical problems, etc.

Other flow: analysis of electrical flows to identify appliances left on incorrectly or abnormally high consumption…

Any type of signal...









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