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An engineer graduated from École Polytechnique and specialized in Data Science at ENS Paris-Saclay, he is founder of Scopeo.

His entire professional experience has involved the development of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision solutions in product and user-oriented applications. He has deployed these solutions for Parisian startups and at Tesla in California.

“The versatility of the missions offered by a rapidly growing startup like Scopeo allows the rapid development of skills in a more than dynamic environment.”
"Scopeo allows me to develop my skills in data project management (listening, needs analysis, and communication) with real clients and to apply the various theoretical knowledge learned in engineering school in very concrete cases."

A team with profiles of excellence

Our added

Transmission of knowledge

Essential to building a team, the transmission of knowledge is also the best way to anchor knowledge and gain perspective on your profession.


Data Science puts information in our hands that must be used without ever compromising ethics.


True guarantors of unity, communication and transparency allow us to never let problems grow by treating them as they appear.


Resourcefulness and a taste for “Do it yourself” are the foundations of our state of mind. This is how we develop a large pool of skills useful for all types of projects.


We greatly value the ability to step back, detach yourself, get help and never compromise work-life balance.


Nothing is written in stone! Creative proposals are always welcome.

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