Classification and recommendation of typographies

Scopeo had the unique opportunity to collaborate with ninja fonts, a key player in the world of typography, to develop an innovative solution meeting the specific needs of designers and foundries. Our mission was clear: to make it easier to find and purchase fonts, while allowing the discovery of similar fonts.

Faced with the complexity of distinguishing the subtle differences between fonts, our team met the challenge by designing advanced deep learning algorithms. These made it possible to effectively classify fonts and offer a recommendation function based on precise criteria. The result ? A powerful tool that projects images into vector space, making font searching both simple and accurate.

This technology has been integrated into a standalone microservice, designed to be used without requiring machine learning expertise. This approach has radically transformed the user experience of Fonts Ninja. Before our intervention, searching for similar fonts was tedious and limited. Today, thanks to our collaboration, Fonts Ninja offers its users an enriched experience, with classified and easily accessible typography proposals.

This partnership with Fonts Ninja underlines our commitment at Scopeo to develop intelligent and intuitive solutions, meeting the specific needs of our customers and significantly improving the user experience in the field of typography.

Job Challenge:
• Implement a function to search and discover typographies simply and efficiently, and to find typographies similar to a given typography.
• Reliably and automatically classify typographies.

AI solution: 
• Categorization of fonts.
• Projection into a vector space allowing similarities between fonts to be defined, for recommendation purposes. • Use of different AI algorithms in this context.


Inability to search and find fonts similar to a given typography. Obligation to scroll on the page to find a typography they like. 


Typography proposal for a given typography. The typographies are classified which allows the typography search function.


Significant reduction in time spent searching for typographies. 

Company awareness increasing.

Innovative solution for recurring customer demand. 

Use case #1

New font
New font
typographies classifications and recommendations, font ninja, scopeo
Classification of this new font
Adding to database

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