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AI diagnosis

If you want assess the potential AI for your business, we recommend that you start with an AI & Data diagnosis: benefit from the experience of AI & Data experts built on more than 150 projects.

You will know what is feasible today with state-of-the-art technologies and you will be aware of the risks and opportunities that Artificial Intelligence presents for your business.

Build an AI strategy and roadmap using the AI ​​& Data Diagnostic.

Tailor-made AI

Build tailor-made artificial intelligence adapted to your uses and your problems. All sectors are affected: health, insurance, banking, supply chain, transport, communication, security, etc.

At Scopeo, we adapt to the needs of our customers by developing and integrating the best tailor-made solutions.

Innovate quickly and strongly building a tailor-made AI with Scopeo.

In order to get customer feedback on a product sold online, it is interesting tostudy the reviews. Thanks to this source of information, it is possible to improve the product by iterating on customer impressions. However, the task can be time-consuming when each site contains several hundred comments.

To meet this need, we have developed, for our client, a tool allowing synthesize comments of a product sold on a e-commerce website.

Our tool uses state-of-the-art automatic language processing algorithms to isolate the elements that concern the product return and extract an overall summary.

intelligent synthesis customer reviews AI Predicity Scopeo

The creation of a chatbot can allow maximize productivity of your business or to make assistance client instant and satisfying. 

Chat GPT has disrupted customer expectations in terms of chatbot, but above all provided an extremely powerful tool for answering questions from a knowledge base given (documentation, conversations, exchanges, etc ...)

Chat GPT has impressive knowledge, but she is limited to public information, past. To give a conversational agent more knowledge, there are techniques.

Customized ChatGPT Chatbot

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Scopeo is an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science agency: we make cutting-edge technologies accessible to all companies, regardless of their level of technical maturity.

It is a human-sized agency focused on the transmission of knowledge and technical pragmatism.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence now enable targeted applications, which are completely integrated into existing systems, without requiring major IT infrastructure projects.

Processes are reinvented, tedious tasks are automated and productivity increases tenfold.

AI solutions designed for your constraints

Controlled costs and a measurable return on investment

An iterative “agile” methodology

Cutting-edge expertise in Artificial Intelligence

A deep repository of successful use cases to identify the AI ​​you need

Integration with existing tools


You are aware of the need and this is already a first step. There are two options to take the first step with us:

In any case, you are at the stage where everything is possible and it is a chance, but it is also at this stage that the need for expertise is greatest. It is for this reason that we offer you two solutions to move forward serenely without incurring significant expenses.

Data quality is the most important lever in a Machine Learning project. This is what the movement demands Data-centric AI » in which Scopeo is included.

It is for this reason that we offer support specifically dedicated to improving quality and data. Describe your project to us to receive a personalized proposal.

Our mission is to make AI accessible to businesses with varying levels of resources. Our tailor-made support is billed based on time spent and varies according to the seniority of our mobilized experts.

Contact us to get a quote.

If you are a French company, you can benefit from several subsidies from the BPI (more information here).

Investing in technology solutions is an important decision for any business. The last thing we want is to cost a customer more than we have delivered value to them.
This is why the consultations with an AI & data expert, as well as the missions of data & AI diagnostics are designed to quickly answer all questions of strategy and feasibility upstream of any R&D expenditure and to ensure the return on investment of a project through both a business and technological perspective.

We live in the age of APIs, webhooks and connectors: this is how we will connect.

If you don't know these concepts, that's okay, because all the software you use is designed to communicate with other software and that's how we can integrate without mobilizing a single person from your team. side.

This is the first question to ask yourself before taking action. You have to ensure utility rather than just following the trend.
The uses of artificial intelligence are varied, you will find some examples of applications here.

To take stock with an expert on the opportunities that AI offers your business, book a consulting session with an expert in AI applications who will be able to make the diagnosis with you.

For a complete diagnosis and a feasibility study, request a Diagnostic Data & AI, (funding up to 80% by the BPI).

The use of AI in businesses has several advantages, such as automating repetitive tasks, making informed decisions based on the analysis of large amounts of data, improving productivity or personalizing solutions. customer experience.

Although artificial intelligence has made enormous progress in recent years, it still has certain limitations. For example, she may have difficulty understanding context or correctly interpreting human emotions. Additionally, Artificial Intelligence models can reflect and even amplify biases present in the data they were trained on. This can lead to discriminatory or unfair outcomes, particularly in areas such as automated decision-making.

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